Air Force Weapons Association: General Giulio Mainini is the new president

(To air Force)

Today in the Room of the 1st Atlantic Flight, historical hall of the Palazzo Aeronautica in Rome, the rotation took place in the position of president of the Air Force Association between the air team general (r) Giovanni Sciandra and the air team general (r) Giulio Mainini. The ceremony, which took place in the presence of the Air Force chief of staff, air force general Alberto Rosso, was attended by a restricted representation of the Armed Force and the Air Force Association, as required by the rules for the containment of the epidemiological emergency from Covid -19.

The gen. Sciandra, after 8 years at the helm of the Air Force Association, has retraced the highlights of his mandate, emphasizing how, "among the countless activities carried out, which it would be impossible to list individually, that of conserving and spreading the cultural heritage of the Air Force was undoubtedly the most important, carried out with the commitment of all members ".

He then thanked the Chief of Staff of the Air Force for allowing the rotation ceremony to take place at Palazzo AM and for having always held in high regard all the members of the Air Force Association, considering them not as ex-members but as members in all respects to the Armed Force.

"We are all ambassadors of the values ​​of the Blue Army - concluded - we have the task of making known how and how the Air Force operates for the safety of the skies, of increasing its prestige and its good name. "

"Dear Giulio, my best wishes for a good job go to you, I am sure that under your command the Association will always be able to fulfill the aims it offers and achieve ever more coveted and deserved successes".

The gen. Mainini, in turn, expressed his gratitude to Gen. Rosso for hosting the ceremony and for allowing the outgoing and incoming president to greet the War Flag of the Air Force; taking the floor he said: "Today a new adventure begins for me and if the epidemiological emergency that has hit our country so hard in recent months has necessarily canceled many of the events that were planned, I can guarantee that the next commitments for men and women of the Association will be many, first of all the importance of the celebrations for the 100 years of the Air Force. "

"I remember perfectly the contribution that the members of the Association offered on the occasion of the 75th anniversary celebrations AM" added on the sidelines of his speech "un decisive contribution in organizing big events, one fruitful collaboration which, as of today, I personally undertake to renew for the next centennial, in 2023, of our Armed Force."

General Alberto Rosso, in underlining the extreme importance of the role played by the Air Force Association, above all in promoting the traditions, history and values ​​of the Air Force, thanked Gen. Sciandra for "the intense work done over the past eight years and the brilliant results achieved in various sectors" and best wishes to Jan. Mainini for "this new position of responsibility that awaits him, especially for the busy period ahead".

"The election of the president took place almost unanimously" concluded the Air Force chief of staff "This certainly represents the most evident sign of the great cohesion of all the members, of the trust in the new president and of the continuity of action of the Association".

The general knows Giulio Mainini was born in Galliate (NO) on April 7, 1945 and attended the Air Force Academy from 1964 to 1967 as a pilot student of the "Centauro III" course. After having held the position of commander of the Air Force Academy, nin the period 2004-2007 the gen. Mainini was the commander of the air crew in Rome; in the same period he held the position of president of the Superior Council of the Armed Forces. Later he left the active service for reached age limits.

The AAA is an association open to all military and civilian "people of the air", of all roles, grades and ages, on leave and in service activities, sympathizers of aeronautical sport and flight progress, outside and above all political ideology and respecting every religious conception. It was founded in Turin on February 29, 1952 with the aim of preserving and passing on the Italian aeronautical culture and the values ​​of the Armed Force. Elected moral body with Presidential Decree n. 575 of 1955, has its national headquarters in Rome.