Ambulance in flight with an Air Force C-130J transport aircraft

(To air Force)

During the night, a 25-year-old man in imminent danger of life was transported from Bari Palese to Turin aboard a C-130J transport aircraft of the 46th Pisa Air Brigade for subsequent hospitalization at the "Le Molinette" Transplant Center in Turin . The Air Force aircraft, after boarding the ambulance with the patient and a medical team on board, took off from Bari Palese airport shortly after midnight to the Piedmontese capital.

The transport request was received from the prefecture of Bari to room top situations of the command of the air team, the Air Force operational room which has among its tasks that of organizing and managing this type of transport throughout the national territory.

Interventions of this type are carried out by the Air Force on the whole national territory. These are missions that require maximum promptness and timeliness. Through its flight departments, the Air Force makes available means and crews ready to take off at any time to ensure the urgent transport not only of people in imminent danger of life, but also of organs and medical teams for transplants. The 46th Air Brigade, in particular, is the only Air Force department equipped with C-130J aircraft capable of embarking ambulances directly with patients on board. This mode of transport is necessary when the sick person needs constant support from particular medical equipment.

Every year, hundreds of flight hours are carried out for this type of work by the planes of the 46th Pisa Air Brigade, the 31st flock of Ciampino, the 14th flock of Pratica di Mare and - for some special needs - helicopters are also used of the 15th flock of Cervia and the centers Combat SAR (Search and Rescue) employees.