AM: health emergency interventions in the last days


In the early afternoon yesterday, an 85 ° C / SAR (Combat Search and Rescue) helicopter of the 15 ° Stormo took off to carry out an emergency transport of a sixty-five-year-old infarcted from the island of Ponza to Latina.

The transport, requested by the prefecture of Latina, was authorized by the Air Operations Command of Poggio Renatico (Fe) which ordered the immediate activation of the HH-3F in "alarm readiness".

The helicopter took off from the airport of Pratica di Mare (Rome) for the airport of Latina where a medical team with suitable medical equipment embarked to ensure the patient the necessary assistance during transport.

Subsequently, the aircraft took off for the Lazio island where it landed at the Ponza telepost stand. After completing the safety operations on the ground, the patient was secured to a stretcher and boarded on board the helicopter and then took off again for the Latina airport.

Arriving at the Pontine airport, the patient was entrusted to the care of the doctors of the 118 service for subsequent transport to the hospital.

The 85th SAR Combat Center of Pratica di Mare (Rm), dependent on the 15th Wing of the Cervia Air Force, guarantees 24 hours a day, 24 days a year, the search and rescue of flight crews in difficulties, also contributing to activities of public utility such as the search for missing persons at sea or in the mountains, the emergency medical transport of patients in danger of life and the rescue of seriously traumatized patients. From its establishment to today, the crews of the 365 ° Stormo have saved more than 15 people in danger of life. The HH-7.000F in force at the 3th Wing of the Italian Air Force, are twin-engine and amphibious helicopters with high multi-role capabilities.

Source: 15 ° Stormo - 85 ° Centro C / SAR - Pratica di Mare (Rm) - cap. Alessandro Salamena


Today a 19-year-old boy from Lecce, in imminent danger of his life, was transported in the middle of the night with an Air Force aircraft in "readiness" 24 hours a day for emergency medical flights.

The request for transport arrived at the Summit Situation Room of the Air Force Staff from the prefecture of Lecce during the night, which, in coordination with the presidency of the council of ministers, requested the emergency transport for the young intervention at the Roman hospital "Bambino Gesù".

The aircraft used, a Falcon 50 of the 31 ° Stormo di Ciampino (Rome), landed at the Brindisi airport in the late night, after embarking the patient, and some family members who accompanied him, left for the Roman airport of Ciampino (Rm ) where, once arrived, he was immediately transferred to the hospital in the capital to undergo the intervention.

The aircraft of the 31 ° Stormo of Ciampino are used for the transport of state and for missions of public utility, such as emergency medical transport of patients, serious traumatized and organs for transplants, as well as for interventions in favor of people in risk situations . The latter is an activity that, due to the imminent danger of life of the people transported, imposes an adequate level of readiness, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Brindisi detachment, employed by the Logistics Command, is often used for these types of flights as it is strategically close to the major hospitals of southern Salento.

Source: Airport Detachment - Brindisi - 1 ° m.llo Lieutenant Michele Candeloro