Aeronautics, Frosinone Helicopter School: five other pilots of the Italian Army patented

(To air Force)

It ended today Tuesday 19 January in Frosinone, at the 72nd wing of the Air Force, with the achievement of the Helicopter Pilot Military Patent (BMPE) of five pilots of the Italian Army, the instructional phase provided for by the technical agreement signed on November 29, 2019 by the air brigadier general Luigi Casali, chief of staff of the command of the schools of the AM / 3rd air region, and by the brigadier general Paolo Riccò, commander of theArmy aviation (AVES).

The technical agreement, which started a synergy in the standardized training activities for the achievement of the BMPE in favor of 11 AVES attendees, is part of the Defense programmatic lines aimed at continuous improvement in the field of training and contextual optimization of resources.

To train the pilots of the AVES, the instructors of the 72nd wing of the Air Force, responsible for the release of the Helicopter Pilot Military Patent, have operated, with a view to constant cooperation between the two Armed Forces, with a share of RH-206C Army Air Force Training Center (CAAE) deployed at the "G. Moscardini" Airport of Frosinone as early as February 2020.

The five newly patented were therefore added to the six Army pilots who had already completed their instructional process in August. After passing the theoretical phase of the course and starting flight training starting from spring 2020, the attendees completed a total of over 1.000 flight hours on the RH-206C helicopter. In addition to the six EI pilots, in 2020 sixteen pilots from the Air Force, four from the Financial Police, four from the Fire Brigade, four from the Carabinieri, a pilot from the Port Authority completed the instructional process and a foreign pilot, for a total of 36 patents in 2020, a result that confirms the numbers of 2019, despite the limitations due to Covid-19.

"It was an experience with a high educational return also for the instructors of the 72nd wing, who adapted their consolidated teaching skills to a helicopter different from those normally used at the Moscardini airport in Frosinone", commented col. Davide Cipelletti, commander of the 72nd flock. "We have overcome the inherent difficulties in the management of the new helicopter, producing ad hoc manuals and creating procedures and a training syllabus in harmony with those already consolidated in the flock. The RH-206C has confirmed itself as a training machine, whose management has committed the crew of the 72nd wing and the maintenance crew of the AVES. Thanks to the constant cooperation between the two Armed Forces - Colonel Cipelletti continued -  by making the appropriate adjustments to the operational activity and despite all the limitations imposed by the epidemiological emergency, the terms of the agreement were respected by patenting the 11 patrons considerably in advance of the scheduled times. A further demonstration of the work of the staff of the 72nd wing who, aware of the importance of their role, were able to achieve exceptional results ".