Aeronautics and Guardia di Finanza: framework cooperation agreement signed in the Operational, Training and Logistics fields

(To air Force)

On Tuesday 17 May, in the Sala delle Crociere of Palazzo Aeronautica in Rome, the commander general of the Guardia di Finanza, general of the army corps Giuseppe Zafarana, and the chief of staff of the Air Force, general of the air squad Luca Goretti, signed an inter-ministerial framework agreement for the development and conduct of joint activities and programs of common interest between the two institutions.

The Agreement, which responds to the requirement of Country System optimizing the use of the resources of various state bodies, with particular regard to community support activities, lays the foundations for a strategic synergy between the two institutions.

The scope of the document is particularly broad and includes operational, training and logistical aspects.

The reference activities concern in particular specific skills of the Air Force, ranging from flight training (even simulated), to logistics-maintenance, without neglecting other valuable skills such as, for example, that in the meteorological field.

As part of the Agreement, the Air Force and the Guardia di Finanza will be able to share and systematize their respective sector-specific skills, contributing with their personnel and structures to develop new technologies and capabilities of mutual interest in the aeronautical field, generating in the at the same time economies of scale and optimizing the use of available resources.

"There is great satisfaction for the agreement signed today between the Italian Air Force and the Guardia di Finanza", underlined General Goretti, "an agreement that seals the extraordinary commonality of general intent between the two institutions and that opens the way to even more important forms of collaboration. Consider us your friends and colleagues in all situations, we have a lot to learn from you and you certainly have something to ask us too. We will be happy to give maximum support and a significant contribution in the activities that will involve us ".

General Zafarana stressed how much "This agreement represents a milestone for the development of synergies especially in some fundamental sectors ranging from logistics, to training, up to technical service directives. Today's agreement - General Zafarana concluded - lays the foundations to further increase our collaboration ".

The document signed today constitutes the broader framework within which various activities and forms of cooperation will be placed, which will then be regulated in detail by subsequent and descending implementation agreements, specific for the various sectors of application, such as that relating to flight training.

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