Aeronautical Academy: the aspirants of the course Uranus V promoted lieutenants

(To air Force)

On Monday 18 November, at the Accademia Aeronautica, the ceremony for the submission of second lieutenant to 85 young aspirants of the course was held Uranus V.

To give prestige to the event, the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, aerial team general Alberto Rosso, godfather of the course Uranus III, and of Lieutenant Colonel Gianmarco Di Loreto, godfather of the course Uranus IV, testifying to the strong bond that unites the different generations of courses Uranus.

Addressing the newly promoted "Uranidi", General Rosso, in stressing the importance of the goal reached, urged the young officers to keep alive the spirit of belonging to the course even during the employment to the operational departments, at the end of the training process in the Academy "... it will be a fantastic experience and the more you will appreciate it, the more you will carry it out with determination. Never lose the grit, the stimulus and the desire to aspire to increasingly important results and never change the unity and spirit of course. Best wishes for all good luck and all the best fortunes for you and the Uranus courses ".

The course chief of theUranus V, Lieutenant Filippo Cheli, after having thanked General Rosso for his authoritative presence, he became the spokesman of the strong feeling of pride of all the colleagues of the course "... whether it is a goal or a departure, we are honored to be part of the Uranus courses, part of the Air Force and we are proud to wear this grade that represents the end of the construction of the bases, but the beginning of our career stretched out with value to the stars ".

The Aeronautical Academy depends on the Command of the Air Force / 3 ^ Air Region Schools. It is a military institute of higher education with a university character whose task is to provide for the recruitment and training of young people who aspire to become officers of the Air Force in actual permanent service. By attending the regular courses of the Academy you can become a lieutenant of the Aeronautical Weapon, in the role of Naviganti Normale (pilots) and in the Normal Role of Weapons, of the Corps of Aeronautical Engineers, of the Aeronautical Commissariat Corps and of the Aeronautical Health Corps.