Aeronautical Academy, swords delivered to the students of the Drago VI course

(To air Force)

The traditional ceremony for the delivery of the Spadini to 82 students of the 1st regular course.

To welcome the civil and military authorities present was the commander of the Air Force Academy, air brigade general Luigi Casali, who wanted to thank the family members who attended for the fundamental role played in the education and growth path of their children, thanks to which the Air Force Academy has found fertile ground on which to consolidate the ethical values ​​and guiding principles in which all the personnel of the Air Force recognize themselves.

Addressing the students of the first course, he stated that: “The Spadino [...] represents a symbol that highlights the belonging to the history of our Armed Forces. For this reason, tradition has it that this symbol is delivered into your hands by the aspirants of the Borea VI course; this gesture represents an important handover, traditions and values ​​that have been handed down for generations among those attending the aeronautical academy. An exhilarating moment, in the life of every student, which encompasses feelings of pride for having managed to pass a particularly selective training process; enthusiasm, for the future challenges still to be faced; affection, for all the course colleagues with whom the joys and difficulties of the selection and of the course were shared".

At the end of his speech, General Casali declared: “To you students who today received the Spadino, the Aquila and all the prize-winners, an encouragement for ever greater successes. Continue like this without ever resting on your laurels, with the same determination that has so far led you in this choice of life".

The ceremony kicked off with the awarding of the Airplane Pilot/Navigator Eagles to 33 1st year students, 9 complement sergeant pilots and 2 complement navigator sergeants, belonging to the 128th AUPC/AUNC course who achieved the related patent, after a long and demanding training program divided into a ground preparation phase and a flight phase conducted on the SF.260 EA aircraft. Representing the 70th wing of Latina was the commander, Colonel Giuseppe Bellomo, together with a number of instructors. 

Subsequently, after the blessing by the military chaplain, the students of the 1st course received from the aspirants of the third class (Borea VI) the Small sword, the emblem of the young cadet of the Military Academies, as well as a symbol of the commitment to honor the ideals of loyalty, courage and sense of duty that will accompany them in their military life, first as a student in the Academy and then throughout their career . 

As evidence of the strong and indissoluble bond that unites the different generations, the air division general Enrico Degni, head of the Drago IV course, and Major Luca Guasti, head of the Drago V course were present. 

During the ceremony, the following were also delivered:

· The "Professor Valentino Losito" scholarships, named in memory of the illustrious professor;

· the “Città di Pozzuoli – Golden Eagle” award, presented by the mayor Luigi Manzoni, established by the Municipality of Pozzuoli in favor of a visitor and a foreigner, who have particularly distinguished themselves in the flying activity;

· the badges of merit and the badges of sporting merit to second lieutenants, aspirants and students who have distinguished themselves for their commitment, discipline, reliability and results in study and in the various sports disciplines.

The air force general Silvano Frigerio, commander of the command schools of the Air Force and 3^ aerial region, addressing the new patentees, underlined: “Dear boys and girls, you can rightly feel proud of the eagle just pinned on your chest, a symbol for which you have faced an intense selective process. In the coming years, flight training to become military pilots and navigators will require further commitment and sacrifice, which will be repaid by the awareness of doing one of the most beautiful jobs in the world!”

And finally, addressing the students of the 1st academic course: “The small sword that has just been delivered to you is a symbol that highlights your belonging to the history of our Armed Forces, uniting the feelings of pride with those of those who have worn it by your side from 1923 to today. We, therefore, have the task of continuously improving training programs to continue the 'flight towards the future', as the motto of the Air Force Centenary that we are preparing to celebrate next year states"

In the evening, the traditional "Penguin" delivery ceremony took place, during which the senior course, Centaur VI, welcomed the "Penguins" into academic life. A moment of solidarity was not lacking: in fact, a charity raffle was organized whose proceeds will be entirely donated to the ONLUS Association "Capitano Pilota Gabriele Orlandi", which is assiduously committed to promoting flight activities, supporting studies and in the financing of hospital departments and voluntary associations.