88 trainee marshals of the Air Force of the 23rd normal course Deimos II become marshals

(To air Force)

Thursday 10 November 2022, at the historic S100 hangar of the Marshals School of the Air Force / Viterbo Airport Command, the ceremony for the delivery of the degrees of 3rd class marshal to the 88 attendants of the 23rd normal course was held Deimos II.

The ceremony, presided over by the commander of the Marshals School of the Air Force and Viterbo Airport, Colonel Sandro Cascino, also representing the commander of the Schools and the third air region, air squad general Silvano Frigerio, took place in the presence of the civil and military authorities of Viterbo and family members of the newly promoted marshals. The ceremony was also attended by the chief president of the non-commissioned officers, graduates and military troops first lieutenant Giuseppe Giannetti and the chief president of the non-commissioned officers, graduates and troops of the command of the Schools and the third air region, first lieutenant Luigi Fabbiani, demonstrating the attention paid by the Armed Force to this School and to all personnel in the role marshals.

As per tradition, as evidence of the solid bond of closeness that has always characterized the relations between the citizens of Viterbo and the Marshals School of the Air Force, the course chief, the deputy course chief and some students considered particularly deserving, representing the entire course, received the degrees and the saber directly from the hands of the authorities present; all the others received them directly from the hands of loved ones.

The ceremony was characterized by the delivery of the saber of honor to the head of the course, by the president of the association of Porters of Santa Rosa, dr. Massimo Mecarini. The delivery of the saber of honor, on which a rose has been engraved, symbol of the Sodality, highlights, once again, the sharing of important values ​​such as strength, courage, determination, commitment, team spirit between two significant realities of the capital of Tuscia which the Marshals School of the Air Force and the association of Porters of Santa Rosa.

For the commander of the courses, col. Gianluca Spina "Today's ceremony represents an event of enormous importance for our institute but even more so for you students of the Deimos II course (...) the path that awaits you for the future will certainly not be downhill, but I assure you that it will be full of satisfactions and increasingly prestigious goals. You have shown in these years of hard work that you have all the skills and characteristics to do well and above all to honor the oath of loyalty to the homeland ".

The godfather of the 23rd course Deimos II, first m.llo Diego de Palma of the 36th flock of Gioia del Colle (Ba), in bringing the greetings of the colleagues of the course Deimos I, enlisted twenty years earlier, and in thanking for the opportunity granted, he recalled how "Today you have reached the conclusion of a stage of what will be a long journey certainly not without obstacles and fatigue but which will be full of satisfactions and which will make you even more proud of the uniform you are wearing. It is up to us older generations to show you the way, to you to follow it. Don't just be a traveler but take the lead in your professional life. Be an active part, be proactive and don't be afraid to be innovative. Be the architects of your fortunes. "

In his speech, the commander, Colonel Cascino, after thanking the authorities present, recalled how the course Deimos II is not a common course: "In recent years, fate has tried in every way to hinder their path but they have overcome everything, always, with the motivation, identity and sacrifice that distinguish and distinguish them. Blocked by the pandemic for months without being able to get out of base, deprived of any kind of comfort, things that their peers now take for granted, for due. They were here alone on the day of their oath, due to the known restrictions among other things in the rain and within this hangar as never before in the history of the School. None of this has scratched them (...) The ensemble of the individuals has given life to a united group, characterized by strong, real and sincere values, and by an exceptional fortitude ".

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