51 flock: runway inauguration

(To air Force)

The event, held last Tuesday 7 December 2021 in full compliance with the provisions in force to combat the current health emergency, was attended by the commander of the 1st air region and commander of the combat forces, General of Air Division Francesco Dressed; the director of works management and the state property of Segredifesa, inspector general Giancarlo Gambardella, accompanied by brigadier general Paolo Rizzetto; the head of the infrastructure service of the logistic command, Brigadier General Mario Sciandra, accompanied by Colonel Stefano Cimichella; the commander of the 1st RGAM, Colonel Stefano Gioia and a representative of his dependent department (27th field engineering group and 108th technical service for infrastructures of Istrana).

Upon arrival at the Itrana base, the guest delegation was welcomed by the commander of the 51st flock, Pilot Colonel Nadir Ruzzon, who initially held a meeting with the authorities alone and then carried out, subsequently, a briefing to present the flock during which illustrated the main activities in progress, both in the department and on the territory. For the occasion, Colonel Ruzzon first thanked the 1st engineering department for the work carried out, which began in June 2021, after which he illustrated the infrastructural and energy efficiency plan of the airport, also elaborated in view of the celebrations planned for the centenary of the establishment of the FA

Colonel Gioia, taking the floor, presented the modernization and redevelopment works planned for the Treviso airport, specifying that the refurbishment of the flight floors had been anticipated following the changed operational needs connected with the arrival of the Eurofighter fighters for the Air Defense at the 51st flock.

In his speech, based on his own work experience and in the light of the excellent results achieved in Istrana, General Clothed pointed out that "It is preferable to draw an abstract model of the work to be carried out, seeking a constant dialogue with Geniodife and with the logistic command". We need to ensure a broad exchange of information between those involved in infrastructure and those interested in flight activities ". Continuing, he then added “The aim is to better incorporate the operational requirement so as to digitize the works, thinking and projecting towards future technologies”.

General Gambardella, in his speech, wanted to thank all those who have tried their hand at carrying out the work by saying the following words: "You have demonstrated not only excellent technical skills but also an exceptional motivational drive that has allowed you to immerse yourself perfectly in the reality of Istrana and fully satisfy the needs of the Flock". Finally, quoting Saint Paul, the general concluded by stating: "We fought a good fight".

At the conclusion of the speeches, General Sciandra, referring to the positive feedback received from the commander of the 51st wing, thanked the personnel of the 1st engineering department, the 27th field genius group and the 108th STDI. He, using a football metaphor, exalted thus the performances of the staff of the genius: “You are our strikers. We in the logistic command procure and finance the works, but if there were not excellent strikers like you, in fact, there would be no goal ". "Thanks to you", the general commented, "All the work done previously is finalized".

The ceremony continued with an inspection of the renovated runway, where the traditional cutting of the tricolor ribbon was embellished by the overflight of two aircraft, EFA and AMX, of the 132nd flight group.

The day ended with the signing of the work delivery report which was followed by the signing of the Honorary Roll by General Gambardella and the traditional exchange of crest department. General Gambardella finally thanked Colonel Ruzzon, and all the staff of the 51st wing, for the excellent organization of the event.

During the two-year period 2020-2021, the 1st AM engineering department built the subsidiary runway of the 6th Ghedi wing and redeveloped the main Ghedi runway and that of the 51st Istrana wing. This is a real record in the history of the department.

The 1st AM engineering department is employed by the infrastructure service of the AM logistic command and in some respects also depends on the direction of the works and the state property of Segredifesa. The department takes care of the studies, investigations, planning, contracts and the execution of the works necessary to ensure the functionality of the operational infrastructures for the Air Force both in the territorial sector of competence (Northern Italy) and outside the national borders. The execution of the works takes place through a contract to an external company or in direct administration with the military and civil personnel of the 27th field engineer group employee. The department also ensures the second level maintenance of the generators on site and off site. 
From the 1st engineering department, in addition to the aforementioned field engineering group, depend the detached technical services infrastructure (SS.TT.DD.II.) of Cameri (101 °), Ghedi (102 °), Istrana (108 °) and Poggio Renatico (113 °) and their respective off-site work sections of Parma, Piacenza, Aviano and Cervia.