Serious games and War games

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

One of the modern fields of study related to learning is what is known as "serious games".

Let's start immediately by saying what it is.

The so-called serious games, and among these war games, are tools used in various environments to develop and facilitate reflection and training in crisis management on strategic, military and economic topics but also more simply to improve the level of knowledge and collaboration between members of the same team or with newcomers.   

In principle, the use of serious games allows you to:

improve reflection on concrete subjects. Contrary to the reality in which one finds oneself forced, the game helps to reason freely and to have experiences without fear of making mistakes and above all by freely exercising one's inventiveness;

put yourself in the shoes of the hypothetical opponent. In reality, one rarely has time to think about how a hypothetical enemy would behave in a given situation. In the game, on the other hand, it is possible to do so and thus discover ways of thinking and behaviors that are unfamiliar to us;

- develop listening and speaking skills leadership. In principle, you are never alone in work. It is necessary to work as a team towards common goals and the game helps the development of interpersonal skills.

In the military environment i serious games They are called "wargames" and for several years the military schools of various countries have been using them and inviting their students to make use of these tools.

In France, for example, there are several organizations that use i serius games and wargames as a learning and in-depth tool complementary to the lessons.

The invitation to all is to deepen the subject and to find an association with which to practice this form of game, also perhaps in view of the next games to be held in Paris in October and that will see French and Italian teams involved, with the support of NATO, in the development of wargames more and more realistic.

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