Rome looks to Warsaw to develop a new MBT

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

In the latest DPP (Multiannual Planning Document) 2020/22, the Defense allocates 36 million euros to create three updated prototypes of the ARIETE tank. The intent of the Army would be to extend its operational life at least until 2030, in the meantime a new family of tanks should be developed (including a new IFV to replace the DARDO) with one or more foreign partners.

The possibility of participating in the initial phase of the Franco-German program has long since faded, Rome is looking with interest at Poland, but also at non-European nations such as the United States and Israel, to launch a new program for the production of battle. As stated by the Undersecretary of Defense Calvisi "It is a question of not losing ground to the Franco-German program".

Indeed, the monthly magazine of the Polish Armed Forces, Polska Ebrojna, reported that the Polish Ministry of Defense had received a cooperation offer from his Italian counterpart.

Italy "approached some EU countries, including Poland, with a cooperation proposal on a terrestrial platform project", the Polish Ministry of Defense said, adding that the offer is under consideration. Spain could also join this project.

For such a project, the Italian industry is quite well equipped, with Leonardo's land division (formerly Oto Melara) or with Iveco Defense Vehicles. On the Polish side, in 2013, Obrum introduced the WWB Cheetah (ex PL 01 - photo), a "stealth" MBT with technologies supplied by BAE Systems, including the ADAPTIV system, which makes vehicles "invisible" for sensors infrared.

Photo: Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej