Italian Predator B shot down in Libya by Russian fire?

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

The Defense General Staff confirmed the loss of an APR MQ-9A today Predator B (Reaper), belonging to the 32 ° Wing of the Air Force, while flying over the town of Tarhuna in Libya.

According to the same sources, the aircraft was carrying out a mission in the context of the operation Safe Sea, following a flight plan "previously communicated to the Libyan authorities" (Which?). Further investigations are underway to ascertain the causes of the event.

According to information in our possession, however, the Predator B it would have been shot down by the Russian surface-to-air missile system (probably run by Moscow councilors) Pantsir-S1, armed with 57E6 missiles, which have a useful vertical pull between 5 and 15.000 meters and horizontal from 1.200 to 20.000 meters, in addition to two 2A38M guns from 30 mm. However, it would seem that the target to hit was a Turkish drone.

Moscow's involvement in Libya in support of General Haftar has long been known, and this "incident" appears as a warning against any foreign interference.

This event testifies to the inability of the Conte government and more generally of Italian politics to use the military instrument in support of foreign policy.

This time, fortunately, the dead didn't escape us.

Photo: Twitter