Remote guided ammunition for the Italian Special Forces

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

The COFS (Joint Forces Command for Special Forces Operations) intends to acquire remotely guided ammunition (loitering Ammunition) for the Special Forces Section. The acquisition is aimed at bridging the capacitive gap of the detachments of the special forces employed in isolated operational contexts, thus allowing them to implement the possibilities of conducting kinetic attacks.

In recent years, many companies in the defense sector have designed and produced this type of weaponry, the IDF for example have adopted stray ammunition for infantry and special forces. FireFly.

Jointly developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the container design of the FireFly, with two rotors, allows him to hover around buildings and attack hidden enemies that may be beyond the line of sight or hidden in urban environments.

Israel's experiences in close combat with Hamas militiamen in urban areas, such as the Gaza Strip, as well as knowledge of the difficulties Western forces faced fighting in places such as Mosul were also considered during the design period. , in Iraq, against the jihadists of the Islamic state.

FireFly (photo) allows the operator up to 1,5 km of use on sight and 500 meters of use beyond the line of sight (with an explosive warhead weighing 0,5 kg). It can go back with the click of a button and its technology provides one situational awareness to avoid accidental collisions. It can also work day or night with a low acoustic signature.

Other similar stray ammunition is the Hero Tactical of UVision. The Hero-20 has a total weight of 1.8 kg and a maximum range of 10 km (20 minutes in flight), with a warhead of only 0,2 kg, finds its optimal use in anti-personnel actions. The Hero-70, on the other hand, has a weight of 7 kg and a maximum range of 40 km, with a warhead of 1,2 kg, therefore able to engage even light vehicles.

Obviously these are just a few examples of loitering ammunition that can be found on the market, however, it is clear that in many operating theaters the possibility of hitting a target, with extreme precision, from a distance, limiting the possibility of causing collateral damage (especially in urban contexts) to be a priority for any department of infantry or detachment of Western special forces.

Photo: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems