Harpoon anti-ship missiles to the Ukrainians

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

Reuters reports that the United States will provide Ukrainians with long-range anti-ship missiles.

If that happens, it will likely be the RGM-84D missiles Harpoon Block 1C, accredited with a maximum range of about 220 km. It is a radar-guided subsonic weapon system that follows a selectable flight path, skimming the surface of the water and then rising, once the target has been acquired, and hitting it.

THEHarpoon Block 1C is equipped with a WDU-18 / B warhead weighing 221 kg.

The missiles will be installed on rotated launchers.

With such a supply, the Americans will be able to directly lead the attacks on Russian naval units sailing in the Black Sea. A further step in Washington's ever more direct involvement in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Recall that just a month ago, the EW capabilities (Electronic Warfare, ed) of the Americans, seem to have allowed two anti-ship missiles Neptune to hit and sink the cruiser Moscow.

Photo: US Navy