More modern and efficient vehicles for the Spanish Bomberos

(To Gianluca Celentano)

If we talk about emergencies especially if frequent, the efficiency of the organization and its choices are the cardinal points for the success of an operation. This applies to any civilian or military department, where the qualities of a manager or commander count as much as those of the operators. To underline this reality with a press release, the Fire Department Spaniards, the Iberian firefighters.

A well-chosen choice to renew part of the Iberian fleet of rescue vehicles was made by focusing on a name that needs no introduction, Renault Trucks.
The Madrid Fire Brigade put 13 Renault Trucks vehicles into force during a ceremony held at the Caja Mágica complex, which was attended by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, Enrique López, Director General for Emergencies and Civil Protection and Rafael Ferrándiz, head of the Madrid fire brigade.

Choice on a large scale

The characteristic of these vehicles is that they have created space and usability inside the Renault Trucks cabs equipped with individual Bostrom seats and an internal protective cage similar to the one fitted on the IDV Lince 2. Therefore, in full compliance with regulations and guidelines in force for this type of vehicle which, in terms of size and versatility, are far superior to the outdated fire-fighting vehicles of category 2. An example is the 36º angle of attack which increases mobility on treacherous terrain, but also the automation of transmissions equipped with the Allison torque converter system.

What are the new vehicles in the fleet

There are seven light urban fire engines with Iturri bodywork set up on the D 2.1 240.12 4x2 FPTL chassis, equipped with transmissions Allison 2000TM series and cabs with up to 4 seats compliant with the EN 1846 standard. The wheelbase of just 3150 mm guarantees an unequaled turning radius and excellent urban manoeuvrability. The extraordinary efficiency of automatic gearboxes Allison - also optional for the IDV production - it has made itself known precisely for heavy and heavy uses.

Two, on the other hand, are the automatic ladder trucks with bodywork Flomeyca mounted on the D 2.1 280.16 4x2 chassis and equipped with transmissions Allison 3000TM Series. This model is characterized by a wheelbase of 3500 millimeters and a large tire section. With a maximum chassis width of 2395 mm, Renault Trucks has designed the first most compact articulated ladder truck in its category.

Four heavy-duty firefighting vehicles built on the D 2.1 280.14 4x4 CCR chassis are added, still associated with the traditional Allison 3000R automatic transmission with hydraulic retarder at the transmission output. They are equipped with double cabs compliant with the Renault Trucks EN 1846 standard with a 2-3 seating arrangement, plus a second Bostrom driver's seat and three forward-facing rear seats, compliant with the NFX61517 standard.

Transmissions Allison for the Bomberos

Reliability is the first aspect that has valued Allison Transmissions fully automatic power transfer systems with torque converter over time, no small thing when it comes to automatic (non-automated) gearboxes.

The series Allison 2000TM is designed for medium loads offering up to six gears with powers up to 300 hp (224kw). The lock-up system to exclude the torque converter is clearly included in the series Allison to take advantage of the driving torque, as well as the hydraulic retarder. The position of the retarders, in relation to the type of transmission and production, can be located immediately after the converter unit or at the gearbox outlet. The 3000 TM series is instead designed for medium-heavy vehicles up to 450 hp (336kw) and also represents the 5a generation of professional automotive hydrodynamic systems.

The series Allison they reach up to the 9000 in relation to the use of the vehicle and the powers, while two other systems are made to move heavy tanks: the X200 series and the X1100 series. Allison responds to 360° in the field of hydrodynamics, also offering FracTran for industrial use, a handling complex used in oil and gas fields and mines. Also highly appreciated for collective mobility is the ad hoc Torqmatic series intended for buses.

Trond Johansen, European Sales Director of Allison transmission he says he is happy to collaborate with the City of Madrid for such a useful supply.