Means and (outdated) systems in the Ukrainian conflict

(To Gianluca Celentano)

It is quite impressive to observe the tactical means dealt with over the years now engaged in a conflict. Of course, this is their role so it's no wonder.

The picture of the conflict and the strategies are constantly evolving and the situation of the world order is being questioned as announced by General Graziano, president of the EU Military Committee.

There would be various geopolitical assumptions and examples to make a parallel with past interventions of the Atlantic Pact, I do not enter the controversy by observing in this tragic reality that European cohesion that has been missing for some time.

The trucks

The URAL AND KAMAZ trucks are the most widespread in the images and in force jointly in Russia and Ukraine, but the Kamaz are the most technologically modern, albeit outdated. I observe a massive use of three-axle Ural 375 outfitted with rib or multipurpose container.

Some Ukrainian vehicles affix the ADR sign - European agreement relating to the international transport of dangerous goods by road - with code 1202/1203 - diesel / petrol - which determines with an additional sign the risks of flammability and pollution. Perhaps other types of flammables are not reported for safety reasons.

Tanks and armored vehicles

The column of kamaz tactical articulated trucks that transport tanks towards the interior of Ukraine is very striking and, according to rumors, they seem to be T-90M Vladimir and T-72 B3.

It must be said in a fairly similar context of tactical vehicles of the two states, that Ukraine is in possession of somewhat dated vehicles, in fact it had modernized in 2017 the T-80 tanks (T-80BVM) to be sent to the Donbass. The numbers would be around 300 T-80 tanks against the XNUMX in service in Russia.

The letter Z in white and positioned on the sides of the vehicles is not present in the Cyrillic alphabet, and has been the subject of several theories although many agree that it serves to highlight Russian vehicles from friendly fire.

On the sides of the country roads there are many 8x8 BREM-K type armored vehicles that ended up in ambushes and arrested and set on fire by the violent explosions of rockets. The images show many Ural - unprotected - hit by the gusts, but this is the war with its horrors and its death, and the Chinese morra - stone paper scissors - only ascertains the reality of things, namely that the best technology of means military tactics is not always that difficult to bypass.

While I am writing the piece, the news arrives that a DW LMV produced by Oboronservice has been captured by the Ukrainians. This is the namesake of our VTLM.

Molotov cocktail

The Ukrainian military is making citizens familiar with how to create a Molotov cocktail and at the same time in addition to too many fake news of a conflict also in the media and on the web, a vademecum on how and where to launch it to stop military vehicles is being produced.

With hatches closed on an APC (Armored Perssonel Carrier) vehicle this attack turns out to be insignificant like nails on roads, while for unprotected trucks driving at low speeds, the consequences can be lethal.

Photo: Russian Federation MoD