The vaccines arrive at home with a work of art, the Fiat 500

(To Gianluca Celentano)

I admit that, for personal reasons, I miss driving an old Fiat 500 and that my experiences aboard this jewel of the Turin house and symbol of the Italian economic boom are only as a fascinated passenger.

However, I made up for it with its evolution, the Fiat 126, with which I got acquainted with side-by-side and heel and toe. Timeless in memories, the choke and starter levers.
But the initiative of Giulio Pirolo, a retired doctor and his daughter Lucia, a doctor on duty, does not go unnoticed to administer the vaccine transported in the narrow streets of the villages in the province of Belluno with an Autobianchi 500 Giardiniera del '69.

The idea was born from his son Giorgio, an automotive designer and from Dr. Giulio's passion for collecting Fiat 500s to exhibit them annually at the Cortina d'Ampezzo rally.
Together they have created a structured automedica on a van Autobianchi Giardiniera, that is, without rear seats and glass surfaces.

On the roof of the vehicle there is a blue rotating flashing light and behind a carrier type support with the distress signal loudspeaker. It is not clear whether the acquisition of this unique museum car took place after a long negotiation with some rescue association, the fact is that its white color and the logos with crosses, at first sight, lead back to the Red Cross.

A laudable idea that has already made it possible to administer many vaccines following all the parameters of the case and, alas, in stark contrast to the perceptible disorganization of the neighboring Lombardy where, at least in Milan, the continuous contrast of the provisions continues to generate too much confusion for the subjects the weakest including the elderly. If last year, in full pandemic, the Lombardy Region did its best, with the current vaccine distribution, it is sad to say, things are not going very well and perhaps General Figliuolo should be allowed to work at 360 degrees.

Private initiative of citizens

Italian ingenuity is something wonderful when it works in synergy with the public structures in charge and with the help, let us remember, of the work of thousands of volunteers. In Veneto almost 73% of the over 80s are already covered by the first dose of vaccine and in the province of Belluno this credit also goes to Dr. Giulio Pirolo and his 500 Giardiniera. With a pleasant noise that many would call a music, as soon as it passes through the medieval villages or narrow alleys, it attracts the attention and curiosity of the inhabitants by making the work of Giulio and his daughter Lucia easier, who strictly circulate with all the appropriate medical and health facilities and a list of the most vulnerable patients.

Fiat / Autobianchi 500 Giardiniera

The idea was born in the 60s from the ingenuity of Dante Giacosa in setting up on the basis of the "cinquino" a sole engine with horizontal cylinders to be applied under the load compartment and an extension of the wheelbase of 10 centimeters.
The displacement is that of the 500 Sport, 499 cc, but slightly revised and reassured given its use as a work car. It produces 17,5 hp and the car reaches just over 95 km / h. The same concept was used for the Bianchina, the popular two-door used by the accountant Fantozzi.

She also did the military

At the end of the 50s, cameras were not widespread among the military, and capturing the goliardic moments between them was not easy, much less the Selfie. But icons such as the Topolino (photo), the Fiat 600 or the Multipla, the 850 or the 500 and variants, have well fulfilled their role in the army, perhaps as a car in service for Majority.

Most will remember only "a derivation" of the 850, that is the F900, but it is something a little more recent.

The fact remains that in Belluno, the idea of ​​associating the motoring symbol of the Italian recovery, the Fiat 500 with the vaccine, inevitably transmits the optimism that is needed, perhaps even of a new Italian economic miracle that we really hope is near. .

Images: Corriere della Sera frames / web