The British Special Air Service under accusation

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

After the suspension of the German KSK due to pro-Nazi sympathies, it is the turn of the prestigious British 22nd SAS (Special Air Service) regiment to be accused.

In recent days, rumors are leaking about the involvement of operators of the department in the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Afghanistan, which was then concealed by the leaders of Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

Precisely the disclosure of confidential emails, concerning the activities of the special forces in Afghanistan, is causing a real political earthquake within the Ministry of Defense in London, the question has come directly to the table of Minister Wallace who, in order not to show himself condescending, intends to examine the documents.

The story dates back to 2011, in the province of Helmand, in the period in which it was present squadron D of the regiment, its operators would be guilty of violence against the inhabitants and summary executions of alleged members of al-Qaeda.

It all begins with the denunciation of an Afghan farmer against the English contingent following the killing of 4 members of his family following a raid carried out by regimental operators. The British military authorities did not drop the charges and, in 2014, they launched an investigation that ended three years later. However, there was no suspect, and eventually the complaint fell by the wayside.

It seemed, therefore, that the cover-up attempt had had the desired result, but the electronic correspondence published by the British media sheds new light on the matter.

We remind readers that the 22nd SAS is one of the most complete and flexible special forces department, capable of carrying out strategic reconnaissance and information gathering (humint) missions, direct raid and sabotage actions, anti-terrorism activities and hostage release, military assistance, counter-guerrilla warfare, CSAR, precision ammunition terminal guidance, search and capture of war criminals.

Photo: US DoD