Libya: Italy continues (to no avail) to seek a space between Turkey and Egypt

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

President Conte met the recognized premier of the Government of National Unity al-Sarraj in Rome today.

During the post-talks press conference, al-Sarraj recalled the attack by Haftar's forces, which began on April 4 last year. Noting the right of Tripoli's self-defense, and therefore asking for the withdrawal of Haftar (an option already excluded by the strongman of Cyrenaica) in order to enter into negotiations for a ceasefire.

Obviously, al-Sarraj did not like the opening of the Italian government towards Haftar.

In fact, even the other European partners may have understood it as the usual Italian turnaround.

However, despite the conciliatory phrases his conciliatory phrases regarding Italian and European diplomacy, al-Sarraj knows very well that if he wants to survive politically in the Libya of the future, he will have to rely on the Turkish ally, the only foreign actor able to provide him with needed: armaments and fighting forces.

President Conte insists on the usual litany of the "political solution" to the Libyan crisis (as if the use of force was not part of politics), while President Erdoğan is sending men and vehicles to Misrata.

As for the rest of Europe we are in the usual tactics. The French stand by the window, however Paris will find a way to earn it (obviously at our expense); Germany appears very uninterested in the matter, having big economic interests with the Russians who support Haftar.

Just Putin's pressure convinced Haftar to announce a ceasefire.