The Italian Army tries to modernize

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

The operational situations that are taking shape, in international scenarios, force the armies of advanced nations to deploy structures equipped with the most modern technological tools.

The Italian Army is acquiring an additional 20.000 Individual Combat Systems (SIC); these systems are aimed at increasing the soldier's survival and precision through new generation equipment.

Each system is divided into components (Survival, Protection, Precision, Command and Control, Maneuver and nighttime mobility) equipped with its own new generation equipment: the so-called "Safe Soldier System".

In summary, with reference to the "survival" component, the main materials included are flame retardant clothing, suitable for harsh climates and equipped with specific accessories; with reference to "protection" the component is made up of a bulletproof vest (PBI -G12 IT), ballistic helmet and relative adapters; for the "precision of engagement" component, an ARX 160A3 assault rifle in caliber 5,56x45 mm, ARX 200 expert rifle, 7,62x51 mm caliber, APX pistol in 9x19 mm caliber, PMX submachine gun in 9x19 mm caliber , VICTRIX sniper rifle mod. SCORPIO .338 LAPUA MAGNUM, 160mm GLX-40 rifle grenade launcher and aiming optics.

As regards the "command and control" component, an SDR HH EVO radio complete with SDR H149 headset, an emergency charging system, earphones and accessories (antennas, data cable) is provided, while for the "maneuver and mobility" component nocturnal "individual night intensifier with light intensification, thermal chamber for individual weapon and long range thermal chamber.

In addition, as regards counter-tank defense, further 2021 launchers and 126 medium and long range SPIKE missiles will be acquired in 800.

While as regards the medium brigades, the acquisition of the FRECCIA 8x8 is carried out with another 30 vehicles plus an option for another 11 in the counter tank version. At the same time, modernization is underway, both from the point of view of active protection and by implementing the armament with the adoption of a 30mm machine gun in place of the 25mm KBA.

Another important acquisition concerns the military version of the AW-169 helicopter, capable of fulfilling the duties of the old AB-205 and AB-412.

The acquisition of new materials is essential to allow an armed force to perform its institutional tasks in the best possible way. However, not even the most tech-savvy army can remain efficient without proper political leadership.