The Iraqi army resorts to air raids against al-Qaeda


- The Iraqi army has resorted to aerial bombardments to dislodge al-Qaeda militants in the province of Anbar, mainly Sunnis.

The recent progress of the rebels on the field has been a severe blow to the Shia-led government in Baghdad which has seen violence increase after the withdrawal of US troops in the 2011.

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, said that Washington is "very, very worried" by the fighting, but that no American troops will be sent.

A video of the air strikes in Anbar - apparently taken from an airplane during the night - was released by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

Alleged bombed al-Qaeda members are shown: men gathered around a vehicle flee as soon as the site is hit.

A statement from the ministry reports that the aviation hit a hideout of militants during the night and identifies them as belonging to the Islamic state of al-Qaeda in Iraq. The government calls them "terrorists".

Source: The Telegraph