"Lei in Difesa": the column dedicated to the female world of Defense and Security is born

(To Maria Grazia Labellarte)

Dear readers and dear readers, do you have the polemics on the titles of institutional offices married to women and on mothers who "cook and iron"? Here, reassure yourself: what you are about to read has nothing to do with it.

In fact, a new column is born on Online Defense: "She in defense", a column that is not only truly new but also lively and in step with the times, which intends to take a look at the world of women in Defense and Security - nationally and internationally - with interviews, analyzes, events and training projects. We will make sure that, as often as possible, the protagonists tell and tell each other. The appointment to mark on the electronic diary is on Thursday.

For those under the age of 25, we remind you that effective female military service, on a voluntary basis, was introduced in Italy with law no. 20, which established the possibility of enlisting women. Italy was (and you thought!) The last member of NATO (1) to allow the entry of women into the Armed Forces: before 2000 their employment in war was foreseen only in the Corps of volunteer nurses of the Italian Red Cross, born in 1908, and in the Corps of voluntary nurses of ACISMOM born in 1940, auxiliaries of the Armed Forces themselves. Consider that in the United Kingdom during the Second World War already 600.000 women served in the auxiliary corps.

Diadora Bussani, class 1962, was the first Italian woman to apply for admission to the Naval Academy of Livorno in 1981. Then, her battle lasted almost a fifth of a century: after being excluded from the competition notice to access it. , the regional administrative court accepted the appeal. The decision was then canceled by the Council of State. Law no. 66 of 1963 had nourished in her the hope of enlistment: unfortunately, the one she gave with one hand allowing female employment in public offices without career limits, took away with the other as it excluded the military professions in the name of natural diversity biological between man and woman. On November 2, 1982, the US Navy symbolically granted her enlistment. 

Twenty long years have passed, so from that 1999: in the meantime, many "she" have entered the Armed Forces.

Have all the goals that women set themselves have been achieved? What are the future challenges?

To answer these questions and to give voice to many women in uniform, there is nothing left to do but follow each week, on Thursday, our new column: You in Defense.

1To understand how scandalous this anachronistic ban is, it is enough to say that female personnel have been present in the Armed Forces of Turkey since the beginning of the 20th century ...

Photo: IDF