Defense also deploys civilians against the virus

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

In an official note, Defense Minister Guerini said that civilian Defense personnel are contributing to the great effort underway.

The Ministry of via XX Settembre, as part of the support provided for the coronavirus emergency, will in fact contribute to the production of devices for the needs of intensive and sub-intensive care rooms at national level.

Under the coordination of the Civil Protection Department, a staff rate of 25 units of the Defense Industries Company will be made available to the Italian company in the sector (Siare Enginereering of Valsamoggia in the province of Bologna), starting next week and for a period of about 4 months, in order to implement its production capacity.

It is an emergency situation and I immediately took up the Defense-Civil Industry collaboration project (as happened during the Great War) for the production of lung respirators destined primarily for Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont, regions most affected by the number of patients in need of therapyGuerini commented.

For the emergency, the Defense also made available - in case of need at the request of the competent Authorities - a total of about 2.200 rooms and about 6.500 beds, distributed throughout the national territory, in favor of citizens who may have the need to undergo the surveillance period.

The Ministry, on the instructions of Minister Guerini, also made its medical staff available.

Specifically, to respond to the needs of the Lombard territories, the Perhaps Armed Forces have ordered the sending of 7 doctors and 6 nurses of the Navy, 4 doctors and 6 nurses of the Air Force, 3 doctors and 4 nurses of the Carabinieri who they have joined the civilian colleagues who have been working continuously for the nation for weeks.

Photo: SIARE Engineering