The Germans "resist" the Ukrainians

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

When the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, met the German Chancellor Scholz in early September, he demanded that Germany hand over to Ukraine, in addition to the PzH-2000 self-propelled artillery, also modern MBTs. “The combat tanks must also be handed over to us. We expect the US to supply us with Abrams tanks and from Germany we expect Leopard 2s (maybe the Leopard 2A7V, NdA). These are the modern tanks that Ukraine needs on the battlefield "Chmyhal said.

However, Berlin does not intend to deliver tanks to Ukrainian forces engaged against the Russians. In fact, Germany would prefer to provide the Ukrainian army with equipment it knows well. Hence the initiative that aims to replace Soviet equipment delivered by NATO member countries to Ukraine with German-made weapons. The Czech Republic, Greece (about 40 IFVs marten were sent to replace the BMP-1s delivered to Kiev), Slovenia and, more recently, Slovakia. This is how, for example, the Czech army was able to swap its T-72 tanks for more modern Leopard 2A4s, taken from Bundeswehr stocks.

The current state no NATO country has provided Ukrainians with MBTs, although these have already received sophisticated platforms such as the HIMARS rocket launchers, the self-propelled PzH-2000 and Caesar. In short, the Ukrainians have been used to it well and therefore are increasingly demanding to fight the NATO war against Russia.

Decisions relating to the transfer of arms to another country are not taken within NATO but are determined by each individual state.

Obviously Kiev, through its foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, reacts vehemently, declaring that “No rational argument can explain why these tanks (Leopard 2, Ed.) they cannot be provided, only excuses and abstract fears ", then adding to receive "disappointing signs" from Germany.

Anyway, no tanks Leopard 2 appears in the latest list of equipment that Berlin is preparing to supply to the Ukrainian army.

The German Defense Minister, Christine Lambrecht, made it clear on 15 September that “These deliveries will not weaken the German armed forces. We are still able to defend the Alliance and the country and it is important to me that our allies on the eastern flank can count on the fact that we will keep our promises ".

The German Army armored corps can deploy 5 operational battalions, each with 44 tanks in force, Between Leopard 2A6 e A7. The goal is to have another operational battalion (328 MBT total) for next year.

Photo: Bundeswehr