The Ukrainians also take the PzH-2000s

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

The escalation of military supplies by NATO continues in Kiev. In recent weeks, Ukrainian requests for state-of-the-art weapons have become more and more insistent. In an official note, the German Ministry of Defense had communicated to the government the need to maintain more sophisticated weapon systems, such as the 2000/155 mm PzH-52 self-propelled artillery, at the disposal of the Bundeswehr, providing mainly technical training. to their use.

Evidently the pressures from Washington have had their effect: Germany will supply Ukrainians with 7 PzH-2000 self-propelled vehicles.

Last week, the Pentagon confirmed it would train Ukrainian soldiers to use 777/155 mm M-39 howitzers and drones phoenix ghost, in Grafenwoehr in Bavaria. The same goes for the Ukrainian gunners, who will have to use the five PzH-2000 howitzers promised to them by the Netherlands. Their training is expected to take place at the Idar-Oberstein artillery school.

Last May 6th, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced that Germany would hand over seven PzH-2000s to Ukraine. These artillery pieces will be taken from "Bundeswehr reserve stocks", she added, without specifying when they will be delivered.

Ms. Lambrecht's announcement of the PzH-2000 marks a turning point as this self-propelled machine forms the backbone of German artillery, with 75 in service and 46 in reserve.

We remind you that this is the most modern howitzer / self-propelled we have in the West, superior in performance to the M-109A6 / 7 Paladin. The Italian Army equips three artillery regiments (18 per unit) with this system, for a total of 68 self-propelled. The piece with which the PzH-2000 is equipped, with a length of 52 calibers, even with the use of conventional ammunition, allows shots (with a cadence of 9/10 rounds per minute) between 40 and 50 km of distance.

Photo: Bundeswehr