"War Games": first among the Serious Games?

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

Some weeks ago we mentioned such as serious games (and among these i war games) can help to understand what is happening by facilitating the reflection and management of crises of a strategic nature.

In a recently read article, "Guide to serious games"by Marco Segatto, the possible ends of a serious game. In the same article you can also find many examples of serious game in various application fields, such as health, marketing, social issues, training and others. It must be said that I am amazed that in the article there is no mention of war games.

Again to talk about something I recently read a bit by chance, an interesting article on the "Game Developer" site: Serious War Games: Serious as Life and Death. In this article we talk about the importance of war games, within the serious game

And then let's talk about war games

In an article published a few years ago on Military magazine, "Doctrine, intuition and wargaming, a formula to be strengthened", by Aldo Monsellato, the author claims that wargaming is an excellent tool "to combine science and military art". It certainly cannot be a coincidence that the Italian Army has published Circular 7015 in which it describes the principles and their possible use as a decision support and as a formative and training tool. The same circulate describes "Immediate decision", as a useful tool to" stimulate the tactical talent of commanders "and of future commanders in particular, who with this tool can experiment without fear of making mistakes in decisions that could lead to heavy losses in terms of human lives on the field.

Here, then, is that, without fear of denial, i wargame I am fully part of the serious game and perhaps they are also the oldest ... perhaps it would be enough to rethink chess!

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Photo: Patrick Ruestchmann