And if Russia was not an isolated regional power?


The democratic and inclusive Australia proposes to exclude Russia from the next G20, believing that President Putin, or whoever he is, is not worthy to take part in the meeting of the most industrialized countries in the world 20.

It is certain that Vladimir Vladimirovich may not be sympathetic, probably because with his actions he highlights the contradictions and the naked nerves of a decadent and at the same time arrogant West, but from here to choose the path of diplomatic offense is considered more caution is needed.

The choice of the wall against the wall, of which Australia is the spokesperson, is nothing but the echo of the statements of Obama and Cameron, that is of an Anglo-Saxon world that struggles to understand the new global dynamics, believing that it is still the depositary of power, the reference currency and military force.

Pure myopia!

The Pacific is increasingly in the hands of China which, moreover, in a sprawling manner, expands in Africa, with the aim of acquiring its raw materials and in Europe by imposing the yuan as a reference currency for bilateral exchanges with the pumped-up German locomotive, the blockade of oil producers extends to countries, such as Venezuela or Libya unwilling to accept the dictates of the stars and stripes and then Brazil and India, in an eternal border between modernity and the Middle Ages, slam increasingly better products on the world market and increasingly low cost.

To bring the argument back to Russia and its hypothetical exclusion from the tables where the fate of the globe is decided, it will certainly not be the invectives that downgrade it to regional power, together with the ridiculous trade sanctions that will stop Putin's hand, history and international relations should have taught us by now that diplomatic isolation sharpens conflicts and strengthens power policies.

The domains of conflict develop in the physical, cognitive and moral dimensions and it is precisely in these three areas that we need to act in a balanced manner, for the time being Russia, with its neo-Czarist policy, is developing an industrial and military instrument that is certainly not from regional power, it is strong of an iron will that generates cohesion, so much so that China itself, certainly not in a disinterested way, has stopped the retaliation project, presented in the UN security council and also has a strong capacity for understand the political dynamics of the reference scenario, so much so that the Foreign Minister Lavrov, maintains an unusual activism for a country that the most deployed and inattentive media, would now like alone and without resources.

At the moment the horizon does not offer any "coalition of willings" that is in a position to break the will and control the cognition of the Russians, therefore the Australian ones remain mere allegations without any foundation and aimed only at trying to orient an opinion as much as possible world public that apparently is less and less narcotized by what was once called the single thought.

Andrea Pastore

(photo: Russian Federation Presidency / MoD PRC)