Arctic: NATO naval forces participate in the Flotex Silver 20 exercise

(To Stefano Peverati)

Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1), consisting of the flagship NRP Corte Real and the Canadian frigate HCMS Toronto, took part, from 16 to 27 November, in the annual exercise that takes place in the Arctic Circle.

The exercise Flotex Silver enables the Royal Norwegian Navy to train in the planning and execution of tactical operations at sea in coordination with NATO assets, rules and procedures, helping to ensure more complete interoperability between Alliance member nations, including in climates more rigid.

Flotex Silver 20 offers multidimensional training opportunities, especially in antisom warfare, under difficult conditions. Designed to test a wide range of capabilities, the exercise results in several combat challenges conducted by warships, submarines and aircraft in the coastal and high seas in the far north, off the coast of Norway.

Demonstrating the maintenance of operational effectiveness through exercises is an essential part of the deterrence capability of NATO's naval forces.

"Our presence in the Arctic has reached the North Cape, increasing la NATO's maritime situational awareness, will promote NATO's visibility in the area and reassure our allies and partners of our commitment and readiness by sending a message of NATO determination to strategic competitors in the region. ", said Commodore Jose Antonio Mirones, commander of SNMG1.

"Flotex Silver demonstrates the important ability of NATO forces to integrate rapidly and seamlessly with the national forces of all allies. This capability is fundamental to NATO's commitment to the collective defense of all member countries and to deterring and preventing conflicts. ", said Vice Admiral Keith Blount, commander of NATO Allied Maritime Command.