Other than “let's free the Leopards”… let's free (us) the Aries!

(To Andrea Cucco)

Germany stubbornly does not want get rid of their tanks. Despite the campaign for weeks “Let's free the Leopards” is putting pressure - together (and for much longer) with the Ukrainian president - for Berlin to send its own Leopard 2 in Ukraine, the German government resists.

Ukraine and Russia at the end of the first year of the war, with already over ¼ of a million dead, wounded and missing are preparing for what will inevitably happen in 2023, which is a further escalation. On the one hand, new weapon systems have been amassing for several months including, for example, the T-90M: modern tanks with active protection systems, which will raise and exacerbate the confrontation on the ground battlefield (therefore they cannot be plus funds from anti-tank warehouses to worry dated - albeit updated - Soviet-era vehicles such as the T-72 B3M). On the other hand, advanced systems continue to flow in - such as anti-aircraft/anti-missile missiles Patriot - which however require a long training (in progress).

The question that should be asked is: why in the face of the lack of Teutonic generosity do we not show all our Latin heart by doing our part?

Last year our Chief of Defense Staff, in the usual "useful... interview" a Republic answered the question “Do we have nearly 200 tanks?” confirming the data and adding the intention to proceed with their updating (remember: about 1 billion euros from Italian taxpayers for only 125 wagons).

Well, why not send our ram tanks? We can say with certainty that - taking for us a rate ... let's say 30/40 vehicles - the current capacity of the national heavy component it would not decrease by a comma.

And that billion? We'll have to resign ourselves to buying it state of art - German, Israeli or Polish/South Korean - for the same price...

In Parliament, someone will propose the addition of the Ram in the next "package" of aid?

Photo: Italian Army