"VULCANO Guided Long Range" begins the qualifying phase


The 15 July 2014 the German federal agency BAAINBw, in charge of the acquisitions for the programs and products of the defense, has notified the Italian Ministry of defense the decision to proceed in the joint Italian-German qualification program of the ammunition family VULCANO GLR (Guided Long Range).

At the end of a series of test campaigns to verify the technological maturity, accuracy and effectiveness of the guidance system, and after the success obtained with the various comparative tests, including those of compatibility with the PzH2000 self-propelled howitzer, the BAAINBw has confirmed its intention to continue in the final qualification phase of the VULCANO GLR for future use on its naval and terrestrial artillery.

It was therefore agreed to apply a shared procedure for the qualification of the complete family of VULCANO GLR ammunition both in 127 caliber and 155 with GPS, SAL (Semi Active Laser) and IR final guide (Infra Red).

VULCANO ammunition is developed by OTO Melara in collaboration with Diehl.

Source: OTO Melara

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