Vitrociset implements the "ARTAS" surveillance system update - EUROCONTROL for the Turkish national flight assistance organization

(To Vitrociset)

Vitrociset, an Italian company leader in ICT and in the management of "safe & critical" systems, has implemented the operational start-up of the V8B2 version of the "ARTAS" airspace surveillance system (ATM surveillance tracker and server), for the Authority Responsible for Turkish Air Traffic Control (DHMI - General Directorate of State Airports Authority).

The importance of the realization operated by Vitrociset derives from the fact that the installation of the ARTAS system as part of the DHMI ATC infrastructure is an important step for the quality of surveillance of the Turkish airspace which is one of the largest in Europe.

Vitrociset installed the ARTAS V8B2 having been awarded in May 2015 the tender launched on behalf of DHMI by EUROCONTROL, owner of the ARTAS system. The project activities were completed within the foreseen time frame and to the satisfaction of EUROCONTROL and DHMI, testifying to Vitrociset's expertise in the installation, fine-tuning and training of operating personnel of the ARTAS system, a prerequisite for the installation of future release also internationally.

ARTAS, developed and managed by EUROCONTROL on behalf of its Member States, is a surveillance system widely used in Europe, designed to acquire data from different surveillance systems, provide an accurate and homogeneous representation of the air traffic situation relating to a defined geographical area and distribute information in real time to a community of user systems. ARTAS, launched in the early 90s, has already celebrated its 20th anniversary and is currently operating in 31 ATC control centers corresponding to 20 countries, while at least 9 other organizations are planning to deploy the ARTAS system in the near future.

(photo: web / Defense Online)