Vitrociset contributes to the NATO Ballistic Missile Defense Program

(To Vitrociset)

Vitrociset, a leading Italian company in the ICT sector, in systems integration, in security, in defense, space and air transport services, has signed a agreement  (as a subcontractor) with Leidos, US company specialized in solutions for national security, health, engineering and prime contractor of a multinational industrial group that supports the NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization - for the realization of the defense system of European territories from ballistic missiles (Ballistic Missile Defense). 

Under the agreement, Vitrociset will provide support to Leidos  for carry out modernization C2 NATO systems related to ballistic missile defense capabilities, as well as the refinement and evolutionary maintenance of NATO's anti-ballistic missile architecture. This system, harmonizing with the national defense systems of the NATO countries, will make it possible to increase the defense and protection capacity of the populations and territories of the countries of the Atlantic Alliance.  

Thanks to the signing of this agreement, Vitrociset will provide Leidos with highly specialized resources to carry out engineering and integration tasks thereby supporting the Ballistic Missile Defense Program Office within the NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCI).

"Vitrociset is pleased to be able to support the NATO Ballistic Missile Defense Program as a team member led by Leidos." - he has declared Giorgio Zappa, President of Vitrociset - “Le Vitrociset technological and system resources will actively contribute to the development of the strategic capabilities of the BMD Program".