T-345A aircraft: Initial Certification completed


On September 18, the National Airworthiness Authority issued the Certificate of Qualification for the T-345A trainer aircraft.

This certificate allows you to complete the phase of the Program called Initial Certification (IC) and the testing procedure for the delivery of the first aircraft to the Armed Force can now be started. The T-345A is the first fixed-wing aircraft to be certified under the most advanced international airworthiness standard.

The significant certification milestone achieved is the result of five years of intense work by the Company and the Authority, together with the invaluable and indispensable support provided by the Experimental Flight Unit (RSV) of the Italian Air Force.

The T-345A aircraft is developed and produced by the Leonardo company and intended for the Italian Air Force, as a variant of the M345 industrial project High Efficiency Trainer (HET). Designed to meet basic and basic-advanced training requirements, it can integrate the T-346A advanced trainer and potentially be part of the project International Flight Training School (IFTS). The T-345A, thanks to its advanced avionics and integrated training system, will allow the Air Force to obtain a significant improvement in the training effectiveness and greater efficiency of the aircraft. The reduction in operating costs will be determined by the high fatigue life of the parts required by the design and the low level of maintenance required.