A Low Cost Solution for Maritime Surveillance?


A Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) demonstrator recently completed its first airworthiness test flight.

The goal is a low-risk and cost-effective surveillance solution for search and rescue, anti-piracy patrol and coastal and border security.

The Field Aviation associate reportedly conducted positive tests with a four-hour flight last February 28 from Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

The aircraft used, modified in the MSA configuration, was a Bombardier Challenger 604.

Additional airworthiness tests are scheduled for the next two months, once completed, the aircraft will fly to a Seattle facility, where MSA mission systems will be installed and tested.

The MSA uses proven and developed technologies for the P-8A Poseidon program.

The basic configuration is equipped with a multi-mode electronic scanning radar apparatus, an electro-optical infrared sensor, Electronic Support Measures, a Communications Intelligence sensor and an automatic identification system ( Automated Identification System).

Source: Boeing