Companies invest in EarthLab, a Center for environmental monitoring


Telespazio France, e-GEOS, POST Luxembourg and SME HITEC Luxembourg have announced a strategic partnership within the EarthLab program.

The agreement signed today creates a joint venture between the parties for the establishment of EarthLab Luxembourg, the first European Center for environmental monitoring, dedicated to industrial and environmental risks. The new joint venture makes use of the support of the Government of Luxembourg, with the aim of developing value-added applications and services relying on satellite infrastructures.

During a press conference held in Luxembourg at the Ministry of Economy, the characteristics of the new EarthLab center were described, combining state-of-the-art earth observation tools with new digital technologies.

An industrial initiative complementary to the European program Copernicus, the EarthLab Luxembourg center will combine unique research and development expertise with the provision of innovative services, supporting the tools for risk assessment in the insurance sector and in the investment funds sector.

EarthLab Luxembourg is the third center of the EarthLab Galaxy international program launched by Telespazio France with the establishment in the 2013 of EarthLab Aquitaine, in partnership with the Regional Council of Aquitaine, and of EarthLab Gabon, in partnership with the Gabonese government.

"I am proud of this agreement reached in an important country for the European space industry, which confirms the value of the EarthLab program and consolidates partnerships as a tool for the dissemination of space services", said Jean-Marc Gardin, deputy managing director of Telespazio and CEO of Telespazio France, a company that will be with e-GEOS, the first shareholder of EarthLab Luxembourg SA.

For Marcello Maranesi, CEO of e-GEOS, "The establishment of EarthLab Luxembourg is a decisive step to promote our portfolio of application products in market segments such as insurance, industry and investment funds. Sectors in which we believe that Earth observation and geospatial information can significantly improve operational and strategic decisions, generating economic benefits for customers ".

Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Étienne Schneider said: "The establishment of the EarthLab center in Luxembourg, in strategic partnership with national companies such as POST or HITEC, is the result of the Luxembourg government's commitment to further diversification of the national economy and innovation in key technology sectors such as space or ICT. A project like Earthlab Luxembourg and its national economic benefits retroactively justify the accession of the Grand Duchy to the European Space Agency. "

Source: Telespazio