2019 SECURITY: Integration, digitization and smart solutions from 13 to November 15


Smart cameras that warn in case of potential risk, remote manageable intrusion solutions, integrated cloud systems, biometrics, facial identification, artificial intelligence, drones: these are just some examples of the profound evolution that the world of security is experiencing. The technologies called upon to protect our homes, the streets of the cities in which we live and to protect people and goods in the workplace have profoundly changed and with them the professionalism that manages and installs them.

SAFETY, the Fiera Milano event scheduled from 13 to November 15 in Rho - with 539 companies, growing by 16% compared to last year - is preparing to welcome the sector's operators with a highly representative proposal of the market.

Integration, digitalisation, smart solutions will in fact be the drivers of an exhibition proposal that combines the best of technologies with a rich calendar of training sessions and special areas.

Thanks to the presence of the main Italian and international brands, SECURITY will allow to evaluate novelties and previews in all sectors - video surveillance, fire prevention, access control, passive safety - but also to contextualize and understand the evolutionary thrusts of the sector and guide professionals towards the market of tomorrow.

The contemporaneity is also renewed with Smart Building Expo, the event dedicated to digital technologies for the networked building and the smart city. Security is in fact increasingly an integral part of building management systems and, at the same time, it is the guarantor of data management. A technological synergy that, for the benefit of visiting operators, is expressed in an integrated proposal of the two appointments, which can be visited with just one entry.


Much more than space for professional updating, SECURITY includes vertical areas that combine high-level training with opportunities to discover innovative technologies and alternative approaches to sector problems.

- La Cyber ​​Arena: the increasing digitization and the hybrid nature of the new risks connected to it, is revolutionizing the technological scenario, placing the attention, in all the productive fields, on the protection of the data and on the implementation of strategies to protect the assets from attacks by various nature. This is why, within SICUREZZA, there is a new exhibition, training and information area dedicated to the theme of Cyber ​​Security, to help companies better manage cyber threats. Created with the scientific contribution of Business International-Fiera Milano Media, a company of the Fiera Milano Group, it is sponsored by AIPSA (Italian Association of Corporate Security Professionals) and ANRA (National Association of Risk Managers and Corporate Insurance Managers). During the three days of the fair there will be great experts in the field who during the Cyber ​​Security Talks will provide their vision on the main effects of Cyber ​​threats on Security actors.

- SAFETY Drone Expo: the vertical area organized in collaboration with Mediarkè returns and, for the first time, it "splits". In SAFETY there will be a space dedicated to drones for security and civil protection, while in Smart Building Expo, given the increasing use of drones in the construction sector, there will be an APR area reserved for companies specialized in the sector of aerial survey and in the use of drones for the design, construction, maintenance and restoration of buildings and urban areas and for the management and monitoring of the territory. Do not miss the aviary in which it will be possible to watch demos of new drone models and a dedicated conference offer, with two in-depth analyzes: the new antidrone systems for the security of airports, government buildings and sensitive targets, and aerial photogrammetry with drones in the building sector and urban planning.


Topical issues addressed by international experts, associations and academic realities: SECURITY the update also passes through the rich calendar of training appointments, with proposals ranging from urban security to cyber security, without forgetting the most advanced regulations and standards that interest the world of installers and designers. There will also be numerous events organized by certifying bodies that will allow the obtaining of training credits for various professional figures (industrial experts, engineers, installers, supervisors).

The importance of continuing education will also be at the center of initiatives by sector publishers.

As an installer and designer, it will be the proposal of the Ethos Academy that, thanks to the contribution of lawyers, engineers, privacy and law experts, will offer professional updating pills on video surveillance and data protection, privacy, GDPR, CEI standards, fire prevention. Skills can no longer be improvised and those who are not aware of their civil and criminal responsibilities are putting themselves and the company they work at risk.

The TV set of S News will welcome the tried and tested format that alternates talkshows with workshops and conferences that will address some of the hottest issues for the sector: Privacy and video surveillance in nurseries and nursing homes; Urban and Participated Security; biometric verification of identity and privacy; International Security and Duty of Care; Aviation Security and NIS Directive.

Finally, Securindex organizes training sessions for both professional security installers already in possession of certifications issued by third-party bodies, and installers who wish to receive information on some of the most important topics for their activity. The themes include the CEI 79.3 standard: 2012, the contractor's contractual responsibilities, sales techniques, GDPR and video surveillance.

In addition, in the Smart Building Expo and with the support of SECURITY, the Milan Smart City Conference will be held at Fiera Milano on the days of the event, with three days of international reflection on the theme of smart city and the impact of new technologies at a crucial moment, the release of the 5G as an infrastructure enabling new applications in the urban environment.

The smart city represents one of the most interesting challenges in the last few years for the security sector, but together with it it involves the entire supply chain that goes from the design of new generation buildings to building automation. To address this issue with a multidisciplinary approach, speakers will include national and local institutional figures, university professors, representatives of leading companies in the technological evolution taking place. Safety and urban monitoring will be one of the three main focuses of the conference, with particular reference to the predictive and soft response to the problems of urban areas in terms of security and territorial control.


An ideal complement to the training offer, SECURITY 2019 will also host two Awards, aimed at rewarding excellence, offering a reflection on best practices and winning strategies of professionals and companies.

The Golden H Award, the competition organized by the Enzo Hruby Foundation and dedicated to the best security achievements, this year has chosen the event as a setting for the Award Ceremony of winners and finalists, which will be held on November 14 at 15.00. The initiative, unique in its kind, enhances the professionalism of the most qualified operators and offers them an important opportunity for visibility, allowing them to differentiate themselves for their ability to create tailor-made security systems for each specific context and made based on to the needs of the client.

The Securindex Certified Installer Award, an initiative designed to encourage installers to use digital communication to promote their company, will instead identify installers who have received more contacts on the securindex.com page. Two categories were awarded - company and sole proprietorship - for a total of seven winners, three for each category with reference to the areas to which they belong (North - Central - South / Islands), and an overall winner. The appointment with the Award Ceremony is the November 14 at 17.00.