Selex ES: Turkish radar modernization contract


Selex ES has signed a contract worth around 12 million with the NATO Support Agency (NSPA) for the modernization of three RAT31 DL three-dimensional air defense radars, operating in Turkey following a supply agreement stipulated in the 1995 .

The modernization program involves aligning the systems with the latest NATO standards, as well as optimizing management costs and improving maintenance procedures and times.

Thanks to these interventions, the life cycle of the radars will be extended and the operational continuity of the NATO air defense network will be guaranteed, as well as the availability of the systems.

The update of the RAT31 DL will be possible thanks to the flexibility and modularity of the system architecture of the radars installed, which makes it possible to easily respond to the evolving requirements expressed by customers, minimizing management costs during the entire life cycle of the equipment.

The RAT 31 DL is a system of the long-range three-dimensional radar family of Finmeccanica - Selex ES. It is available in a fixed configuration (FADR - Fixed Air Defense Radar) and mobile (DADR - Deployable Air Defense Radar).

Finmeccanica - Selex ES has sold more than 50 of these radar systems worldwide. In particular, RAT31 DL is in service in many countries, eight of which belong to NATO. The RAT31 DL has a range of about 500 Km and is inherently resistant to electronic counter-measurements, as well as being equipped with anti-radiation missile contrast capabilities.

Source: Selex ES