Segredifesa: the 3rd joint Italy-Ukraine commission concluded

(To Secret defense)

It took place today in Palazzo Guidoni, headquarters of Segredifesa, the 3rd joint Italy-Ukraine commission, represented respectively by the secretary general of defense and national armaments director, army corps general Luciano Portolano, and by the deputy minister of defense and Ukrainian national armaments director, mr. Volodymyr Havrylov.

The meeting took place a few months after the visit of mr. Havrylov in Italy last December, aimed at increasing technical and military cooperation.

In his speech, General Portolano, after having presented the greeting of the defense minister Guido Crosetto, hoped that the occasion could constitute a privileged forum to facilitate the Italian contribution to the resolution of the crisis and could lead to a deepening of knowledge of Ukrainian needs to start a constructive and mutually satisfactory cooperation process.

Mr Havrylov thanked Gen. Portolano and all of Italy, highlighting that the Italian one is a support that makes the difference since it allows you to save lives and allows the use of infrastructures of vital importance for your country. He then expressed his strong appreciation for the excellence of the Italian industry in the aerospace, defense and security sector, recognized throughout the world.

Cooperation in the defense sector between the Italian and Ukrainian ministries of defense is governed by theIntergovernmental Agreement on Defense Cooperation, signed in Rome on 17 March 1999 and by the Intergovernmental Agreement on military and technical cooperation, signed in Kiev on 24 July 2007.