Made in Italy one of the largest mobile transportable stations in the world

(To Franco Iacch)

The largest mobile transportable control and control station ever designed, made entirely of aluminum and composite material, is built in Italy by the division Defence of the Teknel company. The latter specializes in the design, assembly, integration and testing of systems for civil and military purposes.

The first contracts, for the supply of five fully equipped systems, were signed with the United Arab Emirates. Four of the five stations were delivered according to the contract. The last "self-sufficient control station" is under construction.

Our Ground Control Station - says Raffaele Greco, executive director by Teknel - has some unique features in the international platform of tactical communication platforms. Let's talk about a structure - explains Greco - of 14 meters in length, for 2,5 in width and 2,9 in height with over 50 km of cables inside it for a design of over 3500 hours. An 100% made in Italy product, made in our assembly and integration plants.

As part of the P.1HH Program for the development, production and qualification of the Mobile Ground Control Station of the UAV designed and built by the company at 100% Emirate Piaggio Aerospace, Finmeccanica has also selected Teknel as a partner for the fifth system and for the production and installation of the relative consoles, the energy and signal distribution system and the mobile air conditioning shelter. All strictly subject to the most stringent MIL-STD regulations.

Soon - concludes Greco - our Ground Control Station will be operating in the airports of southern Italy to support the UAV flight tests P.1HH. At an advanced stage, on Finmeccanica input, we are thinking of designing the Ground Segment of P.2HH: the evolution of the system, more compact and more integrated.

(photo: Teknel / Piaggio Aerospace)