Rafale, golden business: everyone wants French hunting


We will keep the Rafale fighter production line open at least until the 2019 with a production rate of three units per month: in this way we will be ready for the possible future orders we will receive. This is what Eric Trappier says, in an official note from Dassault Aviation.

With the new contracts signed, Dassault will guarantee a production of eleven Rafales a month at the Merignac plants, near Bordeaux, in the southwest of France.

All crazy for the Rafale

Last February, Egypt signed a contract worth 5,2 billion dollars for 24 Rafale.

Last May, Qatar (which has yet to pay the first installment) bought 24 Rafale for 6,3 billions of dollars.

India has expressed interest in the purchase of 36 Rafale. The contract is for sure and will be signed within the year.

It should be noted that Egypt, Qatar and India are operators of the Mirage.

Discounted for the purchase of the Rafale also for the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Belgium and Switzerland. Countries, mostly, are not "forced" to buy from the United States.

Compared to last year, Dassault had 179 million more revenue with total revenues of 1 billion and 700 million dollars and a total growth of 11%. The net sales profit margin was 10,7 percent, compared to 9,1 percent.

Dassault delivered the first three Rafale to Egypt on 20 last July, at the Istres air base, while the DCNS multimission frigate sold to the Egyptian Navy and christened 'Tahya Misr' left Brest, 48 hours ago, towards Alessandria.

Franco Iacch

(photo: Dassault Aviation)