First supply flight of the KC-46A tanker

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A crew from the US Air Force had successfully completed the first refueling flight of the KC-46A tanker yesterday.

After take-off from Seattle, the KC-46A test team performed a series of tests before refueling an F-1.600 at 16 feet with 20.000 fuel pounds. During the 5 hours and 43 minutes of flight, several contacts with the F-16 would have been made.

The KC-46A will soon start refueling tests with other military aircraft including: a C-17, an F / A-18, an A-10 and an AV-8B.

Also known as EMD-2, the tanker made its first 25 flight in September 2015 and has so far totaled 32 flights.

The KC-46As that Boeing is building for the US Air Force are capable of refueling all Allied aircraft and can carry passengers, cargo and patients. Overall, Boeing plans to build 179 KC-46 aircraft for the US Air Force.

(photo: Boeing)