Polo Nazionale della Diving to affirm the Italian leadership in the Underwater


In the morning, Undersecretary of State for Defense Matteo Perego from Cremnago took part in the 1st Industry Day Naval and Underwater domains organized by AIAD at the General Secretariat of Defense and National Armaments Directorate.

A day dedicated to meetings between large companies, SMEs and the main institutional players in the domain underwater.

In his greeting address, after thanking the Secretary General Portolano, the AIAD Secretary General Carlo Festucci and the AIAD President Ing Giuseppe Cossiga, Undersecretary Perego stated that “The domain of the underwater represents an enormous potential for growth and development for our country for the next decade, intersects the security and economic aspects, from submarine cables to gas pipelines, mineral resources on the seabed (so-called rare earths), renewables and the unmanned world up to the more 'creative' aspects such as the planning of some submarine accommodation structures in the civil field.”

“The national pole of the underwater dimension” continued Perego "it will be a driving force for growth for large industries and SMEs, it was created with the aim of achieving a common vision and a synergistic approach to the underwater world at a national level, amalgamating an ecosystem capable of gathering all the skills that look below the surface of the sea, enhance its potential and strengthen its competitiveness to allow Italy's leadership to be affirmed in the underwater dimension".

“We have to act quickly and the urgency to act is imposed on us, among other things, by foreign competitors, whose actions are aimed at redefining the global balance of the ability to access, control and exploit the underwater dimension. Italy has all the capabilities and potential to play a leading role in the protection of the underwater domain and initiatives like today's one, with such a large and qualified participation, show that the right sensitivity is developing and the path taken is the correct one ” underlined the undersecretary concluding his greeting address.