Additional order of EXOCET MM40 Block 3C missiles to Marine Nationale

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Additional order of EXOCET MM40 Block 3C missiles to Marine Nationale. The EXOCET is a family of "high subsonic" class anti-ship missiles that can be used by a large number of platforms (naval, air or land). The evolution of the missile is characterized by subsequent standards called Block 1, 2, 3 and 3C.

With a range of more than 200 km, the new B3C version adds a digital radio altimeter and a new guidance system to the B3 version, designed to improve capabilities in the face of the challenge posed by the spread of next-generation electronic countermeasures and ships stealth.

The EXOCET MM40 Block 3C has started to equip the first rank frigates of the National Navy: multi-mission frigates (FREMM), air defense frigates (FDA) and in the future defense and intervention frigates (FDI). This follows the completion of the technical-operational assessment coordinated by the DGA in collaboration with the Marine Nationale of the Multi-Mission Frigate with Reinforced Air Defense Capability (FREMM DA) Alsace, September 20, 2023.

This shot, aimed at verifying the behavior of the missile, made it possible to demonstrate the performance of the B3C's latest generation guidance system through a final sequence representative of a complex electronic warfare scenario.

Photo/source: Marine Nationale