New livery for Leonardo's M-346 Fighter Attack

(To Leonardo)

The M-346FA, already ordered by an undisclosed foreign customer, retains all the advanced features of the M-346 trainer and, with the integration of sensors and latest generation equipment, becomes an effective light attack operational aircraft.

The main sensor is the Grifo-M-346 multi-mode mechanical scanning radar, developed and optimized by Leonardo for the M-346FA.

The M-346FA is protected by a complete passive defense system (DASS - Defensive Aids Sub-System), while its high-end, network-centric communications suite incorporates a secure communication system and a tactical datalink (TDL ) ensuring their interoperability.

For joint NATO operations, the platform can also be equipped with an alternative datalink, the LINK 16. The M-346FA can employ a wide range of air-to-air and air-to-surface loads (including IR-guided, radar and / or laser / GPS), and can mount cannon pods, reconnaissance pods, target designation and electronic warfare, all integrated with a helmet mounted display system (HMD - Helmet Mounted Display) for both pilots.

Regarding the training system, the M-346FA benefits from the high technological level of the version trainer with the possibility of integrating the "Live Virtual Constructive" (LVC) system. This allows you to connect the real aircraft in flight with the simulators on the ground and virtual elements "friends" and / or "enemies", to test future pilots with the complexity of every possible tactical scenario.