New anti-drone weapon under development in the UK

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The United Kingdom is developing a new weapon described as "revolutionary" that uses radio waves to disable enemy electronics and shoot down swarms of drones. This radio frequency directed energy weapon system (RFDEW - Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapon) would be able to detect, track and address threats on land, air and sea. It should be able to hit targets up to 1 km away but developments are underway to extend the range further.

The system emits radio waves that disrupt or damage critical electronic components of enemy drones, causing them to stop or crash.

At a cost of just 10 cents a shot the weapon offers an extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional missile- or projectile-based air defense systems.

Particularly effective against swarms of UAVs, it can be managed by a single operator thanks to a high level of automation.

The development of this project is part of efforts to strengthen the UK's defense industry following the Prime Minister's announcement to increase the defense budget to 2,5% of GDP by 2030.

The British armed forces intend to be able to operate already in the next few years with this technology.

Source / photo: MoD UK