Ministerial Eurofighter 2023: "the most important European program in the defense sector"


The Ministerial event of the 4 European nations (Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Spain) linked by the Program ended this morning Eurofighter Typhoon.

The consultative and planning activity with the representatives of the Defense Dicasteries of the 4 nations, together with the companies of the Defense Industry interested in the program was organized with the NATO NETMA Agency, Leonardo and the Air Force in Italy about a month from the celebrations for the centenary of the Blue Armed Force, at the command of the 1st Air Region.

“The EFA program is a virtuous example of collaboration” says the Undersecretary of State for Defense Matteo Perego of Cremnago who did the honors of the house "among European defense countries, for Italy it is the most important program that generated this aircraft, a jewel of 4th generation technology".

“The Eurofighters of our Italian Air Force” continues Perego "performing and effective aircraft for the defense of our skies, it is also used in these hours in the protection of the eastern flank of the Alliance".

“This Important Program” concluded the undersecretary during the final speech "born from the need to create a military instrument that strengthens the EU Defense and NATO, in terms of capabilities and development, this requires everyone's maximum commitment to ensure its sustainability over time".

The delegations participating at the end of the Ministerial have arranged to meet at the next event which will be hosted by Germany.