MBDA: Group results in 2021


Éric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, yesterday presented the Group's results of 2021 and the challenges of the near future, stating: “Our mission is very clear: to support the sovereignty and prosperity of our nations by providing them with the essential military capabilities they need. In this complex time and in a rapidly changing scenario, sovereignty and adaptability are priorities for our industry. In 2021 MBDA continued to fulfill its commitments with a great sense of responsibility and for this I want to thank the tireless team spirit and the ability to react of every person at MBDA. Today more than ever we understand how vital defense is for our society ".

The main contracts signed with domestic customers in 2021 include: the development of the SAMP / T NG system for France and Italy; the mid-life upgrade of Aster missiles for the UK and Italy; L'assessment phase of the FC / ASW for France and UK; the production of MICA NG in France and of Mistral 3 for Spain. Major export contracts in 2021 include the arms package for Greece's new Rafale fighter and several naval armament systems, including those for Canada, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia and others. The arms package for the new UAE Rafale will be accounted for in the financial data for 2022.

2021 was still a year marked by significant growth in hiring, with the entry of 1.100 new employees across Europe, and plans for an additional 1.500 hires later this year. In total, revenues reached 4.2 billion euros thanks to the intensification of deliveries to customers, split equally between the domestic and export markets. New orders also recorded a record of 5.1 billion euros in 2021, thus allowing the order book to grow further and reach the record figure of 17.8 billion euros.