MBDA signs evolutions for Italian air defense systems based on CAMM-ER with OCCAR


MBDA, world leader in the sector of complex weapons systems, has signed an amendment to the contract with OCCAR (the Organization for joint armament co-operation) to increase the technical capabilities of Italian air defense systems based on the CAMM-ER for the Italian Army and Air Force, Grifo and MAADS (Medium Advanced Air Defense System).

The contract also includes a new multi-role, multi-purpose fire control unit, developed and designed by MBDA to significantly increase the command and control capabilities of the Grifo system.

This development, implemented for the benefit of the Italian Army, introduces significant evolutions that have been designed over the past 12 months, under the production contract to strengthen the operational capabilities of the Italian Armed Forces. The agreement also includes the operational validation and production of the new Fire Control Unit.

The Grifo system uses the CAMM-ER, the extended range version of the next generation CAMM family, developed jointly in the UK and Italy for land and naval air defence. The CAMM family can be easily integrated with radars and command and control systems of the customer's choice to create an advanced modular air defense solution (Enhanced Modular Air Defense Solution - EMADS).

The CAMM-ER, equipped with a state-of-the-art active seeker and a new engine - designed by AVIO - to provide extended range, was successfully qualified last year and will replace the Aspide missile used in the SPADA system of Italian Air Force and in the Skyguard system of the Italian Army. The CAMM-ER is also integrated into the Albatros NG, the new generation naval air defense system, already sold abroad, which optimizes the surface-air capabilities of the fleets.

The activity that will follow this new agreement will further strengthen the industrial capabilities of MBDA's Italian sites, especially that of Fusaro (Bacoli-NA), already strengthened thanks to the recent contracts for the CAMM-ER and Aster missiles, supporting growth technological and industrial of the company.