Hungary takes delivery of its first two Airbus H145Ms

(To Airbus)

The first two of the twenty Airbus H145M military helicopters were delivered to the Hungarian armed forces.

The H145Ms of the Hungarian fleet are equipped with a Fast Rope system (descent with "Canapone"), high-performance video camera, double load hook, winch, disaster management kit, ballistic protection and an electronic countermeasure system to support the requirements more stringent operations. They are also equipped with the HForce weapons management system, developed by Airbus Helicopters, which allows Hungary to equip and operate its helicopters with a large ballistic set or air-to-ground and air-to-air guided weapons.

Hungary has also ordered 16 H225M multi-purpose helicopters equipped with the HForce system. The H145M / H225M pair will allow the Hungarian Defense forces to cover light utility, tactical transport, search and rescue missions in combat up to the light attack.

The Airbus H145M is a lightweight twin-engine helicopter with proven experience. H145M helicopters are gaining popularity among the armed forces thanks to their excellent cost-performance ratio and short delivery times.