The shield of Star Wars is reality


"No! Try no! Do, or don't do! There is no try!". If the master Yoda saw the new technology patented by Boeing, he would comment on the new shield created by the aviation giant.

Operating the "Shockwave" attenuation system, consisting of an on-board sensor and a generator.

"The sensor detects the explosion in the vicinity, then sends the signal to the generator. The latter produces a plasma field between the target and the explosion using lasers, electricity and electromagnetic waves ".

The shield forms a kind of bearing that would hinder the shockwave, reflecting, refracting, absorbing and deflecting part of the splinters.

The official note reads: "Shockwave can reduce the density of the shockwave by diverting it to an alternative route, since the system heats and ionises the air, it is not designed to wrap large areas as seen for the energy shield. in Star Wars, even if it is technically possible.The problem, if anything, would be for those who were to be found inside.The current designed shields, in fact, would also shed light, leaving anyone to find inside, totally in the dark " .

Franco Iacch

(photo: Boeing / Star Wars Episode I frame)